Economy and employment

International airport between Rennes and Nantes
Agriculture redirecting based on quality and respect environment
A breton TV on hertzian network. Bilingual radio for the whole of Brittany
Preferential fiscal system for central Brittany
Favour freedom to set about with workers respect

Promote our identity: language, culture, territory

Put into practice the San Francisco Convention (1933) and complete ratification of framework convention on minorities
Regionalisation of schooling system: integration of Diwan, Div Yezh, Dihun in it
Loire Atlantique homecoming in Brittany (40% of our economy)
Transfert of 70% state funds for culture

Water quality

Breton water agency
Administration of natural and coastal areas
Natur discovery department for pupils


Creation of an international cooperation center North-South
Opening of an international college
Breton representation at european level
Breton diaspora rallying with two main purpose: logistic support to the firms and to the large-scale cultural projects